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Hi. I'm Jayme,

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founder of Jayme Jenkins Motherhood Services. Specializing in photographing births, supporting mamas through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, as well as providing lactation support. I offer in person services in the Halifax, NC and surrounding areas, as well as virtual support world wide!

As a mom, I know how important it is to get pictures of those sweet babies. I also know that moms need to be in the picture, too! My goal in this business is to focus on capturing motherhood. I love capturing raw, unposed, real emotion. I became obsessed with photographing all things motherhood and I recently decided to become a certified doula and breastfeeding educator. 

Okay, now time for a little bit about me. I love Jesus and I am trying my best to raise  decent human beings. Honestly, I'm just wingin' this whole mom thing and hoping they turn out okay. Totally kidding! I'm a firefighter wife, which is sometimes a full time job in itself. But I do love my fireman! Our two sons and one baby girl are mine and my husband's pride and joy. We got so blessed with them!

I love staying at home and cleaning my house, even though it never looks tidy! I'm messy!

I'm obsessed with warm weather and I will be outside every chance I get while the weather is pretty. 

Besides photography, doula work and being a mom, I have, yet another, full-time job! My parent's own a business and I work for them alongside my sister. I couldn't imagine not working with my family. I sometimes make them go to work for me as well, haha! 



I love to talk and I enjoy meeting new people, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you'd like to be friends!

xoxo, Jayme 


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