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So you had a Cesarean birth....

So you had a Cesarean birth and you have this beautiful new baby, they make all of this worth it, BUT you're left with a decent size scar right down near your who-ha. Thankfully doctors make the incision low enough that people won't see it but you know it's there and sometimes it'll remind you that it's still there because it may cause you some pain and/or some itching.

Have no fear, though! There are things you can do to help with the healing process. Let's talk about different things you can do to aid the healing process. Shall we?

C-Section scar massage

Yup, number one thing, massage the scar. This will help with circulation and you help 'teach' the tissue to lay flat so it doesn't just attach anywhere on anything. As soon as the scar is completely closed up and is now visibly healing, start by gently massaging around the scar. The incision sight itself may still be tender so stay clear of that. Work further down to your scar as you progress in the healing process.

Check out this blog for a more in depth description of the scar massage.

Belly Binding

This is where you take a Rebozo, Bandaging, Wrap Cross-Carry, ect. and wrap it around your belly. This applies light pressure and compression which helps with healing and can help lessen the pain. You could also buy a postpartum corset and use that! This technique also helps with mamas that give birth naturally.


The last thing you want to do after just having a major surgery like this is to push out a big poo. OUCH! Drinks lots of water and then some more water to help with constipation. Pair the water with a stool softener or magnesium to be extra sure!

Gentle Cesarean

Ask your doctor for skin to skin immediately after delivery. It's important to start bonding with your baby ASAP, not only will it help baby adjust to the outside world, it will also help you, Mama, in the healing process.

Soothing Salve

It's always good to put some type of soothing salve on any wound or incision. Your section scar is no different! The more natural the salve, the better. Make sure to get approval from your doctor before putting anything on your incision sight!

Get REST and HELP!!!!

You just had a major surgery, you need to recover. Get some help and get some rest and don't feel ashamed of that. Have someone there with you so you can feed the baby and go back to sleep. Your partner, friend, family member, or a postpartum doula can handle the housework, diaper changes, and anything else that needs to get done while you rest. You're SUPERWOMAN, no doubt, but don't try to prove yourself. Instead, prove to others that you do know how to rest and take it easy ;)

In the words of Bugs Bunny (I think, lol), that's all folks. I hope you found this post helpful for your cesarean or your upcoming birth! If you ever need a doula, feel free to reach out! I can offer in person and virtual support. And yes, a doula can be useful even during a caesarean!!

Much love and birthy vibes,


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