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Meena Fresh 48 | NC photographer

In my personal opinion, Fresh 48 sessions are the most underrated sessions I offer. We focus so much on the maternity and the newborn, that we tend to forget the baby's first couple of moments or days of life. There is something so special to me about being allowed to come into a family's space with their new baby and get to experience some pretty sweet firsts.

Like the Garner family.... I was invited into their hospital room when Meena was just a day old and I got to photograph her big sister, Letty, meeting her for the very first time. Although Letty jumped right in and started loving on and helping out with her new sister as if she had been a big sister for years. When Meena started crying, Letty began singing to her and her baby sis quick crying immediately. There aren't many things that I will stop photographing for, but in that moment, I didn't have it in me to click that shutter button.

Meena Raye has been one prayed over little girl from day one and I don't think that has ceased yet. She is so so loved and the Garner family is so blessed to have another beautiful girl in their lives.

To the Garners, thank you for allowing me to be in this sacred space with you. Thank you for allowing me and trusting in me to document these moments for your family. I love y'all soooo much!

Xoxo, Jayme

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