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What can a postpartum doula do for you?

Let’s imagine this, you have a 24 hour labor, you come home just 24 hours later and you’re exhausted. You’ve got this brand new life you have to take care of but you honestly don’t even know which way is up and which way is down right now. Sure you’ve got a partner there to help you but they’re just as exhausted as you are. You could call your mom or your sister but they’re both at work right now. So you decide to reach out and contact me, your doula and new BFF!

I get there at whatever time we agreed upon and I immediately ask how YOU are doing. You, mama, are my main focus. I then ask what you need and how I can best serve you. You reluctantly tell me that you desperately just need a shower and a nap, so I watch the baby for you to do just that.

You wake up from your nap to find that I have not only allowed you to get some rest while I watched the baby, but I’ve also washed up a few dishes and started your laundry. What a dream!

Aside from all of that, at my postpartum shifts I might also help you organize the baby‘s nursery, set up a breastfeeding spot for you, help baby get on a schedule, or just take a quick walk outside with you, the baby, and your dog. Each day and each shift vary on what I do depending on YOUR needs that day.

So all of that is great but now you’ve got questions; how soon do you set up postpartum shifts? You can contact me as soon as you find out you‘re expecting or you can have the baby and then realize you need help. Postpartum shifts are booked on a week to week basis. You may need me for 2 hours one week but 20 hours the next week. You may want me for 2 overnights this week and 3 day time shifts or you might just want 3 day time shifts. The options are endless and they’re all dependent on what you want, Mama! How great is that?

Our society tries to tell us that moms have to do it all and never ask for help and that is SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH. It truly takes a village and it’s okay to ask for help and support! Having a baby and adjusting to this new norm is life changing and can be very overwhelming. Reach out for help!

As always, my inbox is always open. Feel free to email me so we can talk further!

Until next time my birthy friends,


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