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Family of Four Maternity Session | NC Photographer

About a month ago, I met this beautiful family in downtown Weldon for their maternity pictures. This wasn't my first time meeting them, in fact, I get to photograph Landen all the time and Alyssa and I are now friends!! I love it when that happens :) I have photographed them since before Landen was even born and they haven't fired me yet! Haha.

We did this session when Alyssa was about 34/35 weeks pregnant, not knowing that sweet Harper would want to come a bit early. This is why I like schedule maternity before or by 35 weeks pregnant because you truly never know when baby will want to come!

Landen was asleep when they got to the session, go figure! So we went ahead and started without him. Lol! We chose to let him sleep a bit longer. I went ahead and did pictures of Alyssa by herself and then some of her and Tyler. Notice they're standing on the sidewalk for some?? That's because we didn't want to go too far from where their car was parked!

After a bit, Tyler got Landen up and he was not having pictures. AT ALL. I don't blame him though! Eventually I had to give him my phone so he could watch videos and I would distract him for a split second, snap a picture, and then he was right back to his videos.

This family is so much fun to work with and I just love them!

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