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Following God’s Calling - FREE breastfeeding class

I feel like I’m beginning a series of blog posts… “Following God’s Calling”. And maybe I am, maybe this is the last blog post about it, who knows! All I know is that the Lord called me to serve and I want to share it with everyone.

Last year when the whole world got turned upside down, mine did as well. I was no longer allowed to go into hospitals and photograph births. I was depressed, sad, confused. I didn’t know where I would take my business from there. I fully leaned on God and the word “doula” kept coming up. So I signed up for a doula and breastfeeding educator class. I finished my breastfeeding education class first because I was the most excited about that one. I didn’t know where the Lord would take my business from there but I was trusting Him.

Fast forward to a year later and God laid it on my heart to volunteer. To share my knowledge with women that needed to hear it without expecting anything in return. I messaged one of the ladies that I knew of that runs the Pregnancy Support Center in my tiny town. It took her a few weeks but she finally got back to me…. All in God‘s timing. And she said she would love to have me come teach a class. After having a meeting with the ladies of the PSC, we decided that a breastfeeding class was most needed.

This past Tuesday, we did a “meet your doula” night and I got to meet some amazing expecting mamas and daddy’s! They all had such great questions and I can’t wait to begin our actual class. During the class, I plan to answer anymore questions they may have, as well as cover different breastfeeding positions, when to initiate breastfeeding, things the partner can do to help, what makes breastfeeding so beneficial, and so forth.

I will equip my clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to successfully nurse their babies… even if it’s only for the first feed. Along with knowledge, they will get encouragement even after the baby is born. These mamas will be welcomed back to each class to have continued support.

Now I know you’re wondering, do you have to participate in other classes that the PSC offer? No, not if you don’t want to. You can pick and choose what classes you want to attend and which ones you don’t! The choice is totally up to you.

This is a completely FREE class that I’m offering through the Pregnancy Support Center of Roanoke Rapids. All new and due mamas are welcome to join! Our first class will be on October 26th at 6:30pm! I hope to see a huge crowd there! I hope there’s so many mamas there that I actually get nervous!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions you may have!

All the birthy vibes,


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