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The Definition of a Doula

So you've heard the word "doula" but you've got NO idea what that is. Allow me to explain it to you from my perspective. As your doula, I don't feel like I can be put into a box. I'm unconventional, quirky, and I love my clients HARD. The reason I'm so passionate about it is because my biggest regret from my own birth experiences is that I didn't have a doula. I didn't see the value in having one but now I'm soooo educated on them that I decided to become one and educate everyone else so no one else has to feel like this!

While you're pregnant...

I provide you with 24/7 text support with me, monthly video chats (or coffee dates), and weekly video chats or coffee dates after 36 weeks. I answer any and all questions you may have. Say you have a weird symptom and you text me a simple "this is what's going on. Is this normal?" text. I answer to the best of my ability. Either I will tell you that that is completely normal or you need to ask your provider.

YOUR DOULA DOES NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR PROVIDER!! Please always remember that. I am not hired to give you medical advice or to advocate for you. Why would you hire me then? Because I remind you of the questions YOU should ask your provider. I provide you with the options to birth your baby your way, not the way that society "says" you should. I educate you and support you to make the best decision that you possibly can for yourself and your baby. The hospital's protocol is a 'one size fits all' approach and we ALL know that each birth is different. With having a doula by your side, you go into your birth feeling prepared and supported.

During labor....

Your doula is there to provide you sound advice while you're in's a real thing! Just imagine for a moment... you're in the middle of labor, your plan was to have an all-natural birth but you're in so much pain and your nurses keep saying "just go ahead and get the epidural". I'm there to say "I know you had said you wanted to go all natural, are you changing your mind or do you want to continue with no epidural?" And then I will support whichever you decision you decide to make.

I will also be there to remind your partner to breathe during contractions as well! They can get so caught up in the moment that they aren't taking breaths themselves. Speaking of partners, no, I don't replace your partner. I help them, help you. I make sure they're getting water and rest when needed. I will be there to hold your hand when they have to take a break or use the restroom. I have education and your partner as emotion and connection and together, we're the perfect team!

If I'm offering virtual support for you I still provide all of that to you, I will just be offering it through video chats or texts.


Depending on which doula package you choose, you get me from 3 weeks to 3 months postpartum. In that time, you get weekly video chats and continued text support. I will also come over to your home (if we do in person) and there I will help you do whatever you need me to. I can clean, take care of baby so you can shower or rest, I can take your older children out of the house for a little while, ect. I would offer to cook for you, but I am NOT a good cook, Haha!!

In addition to all of that, I also make sure that you're okay. Too often people are worried about the birth of the baby and not the birth of the MOTHER. Becoming a mom can be challenging...even if this ain't your first rodeo. I sit and chat with you to see how you're doing and if I sense some PP depression and then I will encourage you to seek medical help and I will also inform your family. Sometimes, though, just talking to someone that understands where you're coming from is all that you need.

Having a PP doula is so underrated and I will continue to encourage everyone to have one.

Well, that's all the word vomit I've got for now. If you have any additional questions that I may answer for you, please reach out! I love chatting to and meeting new people.

Until next time my birthy friends,

Xoxo Jayme

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